Review & Ratings from Our Patients

We invite you to read the following patient testimonials, ratings and reviews of the Center for Colonoscopy Excellence:

Many thanks for your excellent care and treatment.  I would not have delayed the colonoscopy but for the memory of the procedure years ago.  You and your team provided an almost pleasant afternoon for me!  If you have other reluctant patients, I would be happy to give them a ‘pep talk.’ – B.P.

Just a brief note to say thank you.  As you know, I was very anxious about the colonoscopy.  I was glad you took the time to call.  Everything was just as you said.  In fact, I felt better after the procedure than I had all week.  Bravo! Good job.  Thanks!! – L.N.

In an age when most people whine and look for something to blame other for, I think that it is important to recognize things well done.  You accomplish tasks in a difficult environment with grace, and make something which should be unpleasant more than tolerable. – D.M.

I applaud your colonoscopy technique.  I thank you for diagnosing the ‘bug’ that was making my life miserable.  Life is good again. – L.B.

I want to thank you for the very professional and untraumatic procedure which I underwent.  I had been very apprehensive about the pain involved, based upon my prior experience with colonoscopies, but your stellar reputation proved my concerns ill-founded.  I woke up, and it was over.  I also wanted to thank  Roxanne for the help she provided me both prior to the procedure and in the documentation afterwards.  She is very helpful, pleasant, and reassuring. – P.M.

Thank s for making my dreaded colonoscopy effortless.  You are a very kind and compassionate physician.  I really appreciated your superb care today. – D.N.

I’ve seen Dr. Farrell for over 10 years. He is a smart and caring doctor. And have had a number of colonoscopy’s… the procedures were professional and I received my results in a timely manner.

Dr. Farrell and his staff were a godsend in correctly diagnosing and treating my ulcerative colitis. I had a botched colonoscopy from another less experienced, more expensive doctor with unresponsive staff and suffered for six months. Tried to treat it holistically and finally searched for a new GI doc. Dr. Farrell had good reviews with my insurance (Cigna) and I followed my gut (literally!) on Yelp, so I felt it important to post a current review.

Dr. Farrell is awesome! He performed my obligatory 50 year old colonoscopy and was great. Very knowledgeable, professional, and nice. His office assistant, Roxanne, is totally together and professional. The whole experience was as good as it could be considering it was a pain in the *#*!

Had a great experience for my 50-year first colonoscopy. I disliked the obligatory prep, but the second half on the morning of the colonscopy seemed to be better than the first. Dr. Farrell and staff are very professional. A friend’s mother, who just had her 80 year colonoscopy, likes Dr. Farrell and staff too.

I have been going to Dr Farrell for the last 11 years as I suffer from ulcerative colitis and I do not think I have ever found a doctor who is so professional, competent, has a calming effect on me and who has followed up on every single inquiry I have ever made even when I found myself abroad and in need of urgent help.