Are You Avoiding a Colonoscopy?


hIt’s time to be honest: Are you avoiding a colonoscopy?

For those 50 and older, or those with a personal or family history of colon cancer, scheduling a colonoscopy may be the last item on your to-do list. Many people have a history of avoiding of colonoscopies – the average person is likely to consider the procedure to be invasive, unpleasant and even painful. Fortunately, none of these colonoscopy misconceptions are remotely true.

The modern colonoscopy, offered at the offices of our partner, the Center for Colonoscopy Excellence (CCE), is designed with your comfort in mind. Patients experience minimal, if any, discomfort, and the procedure allows for a quick recovery period.

We’ve provided three great reasons why you should stop avoiding a colonoscopy and make an appointment with your gastroenterologist today.

Are you avoiding a colonoscopy because you heard that preparing for the procedure is difficult?

Preparation for a colonoscopy has been streamlined to make it as convenient and stress free as possible. Prior to the procedure, patients will need to clean out their bowels so the colon can be easily viewed by your doctor. To do so, you will be asked to have a clear liquid diet during the 24 hours before your colonoscopy, along with taking a low-volume laxative prep solution that we will provide you. The process is relatively straightforward and is only needed in the 24 hours before you visit our offices.

Are you avoiding a colonoscopy because you think it’s an unnecessary procedure?

It can be easier to avoid a colonoscopy if you convince yourself that it’s not needed. Many people assume that if they feel healthy and do not exhibit symptoms of colon cancer, they are fine and do not need a colonoscopy. The truth is, many people with colon cancer do not experience any symptoms, and they can have the disease for months, even years, without knowing it exists and is getting worse. A colonoscopy is an excellent opportunity for a trained medical professional to examine your colon for cancer, pre-cancerous growths, and any other abnormalities. Colonoscopies save lives year after year.

Are you avoiding a colonoscopy because you think it will hurt?

The idea you will experience pain and discomfort with a colonoscopy procedure is a very unfortunate myth. Lives are saved when proper colonoscopies are performed, so to avoid the procedure because you fear pain is especially lamentable. At CCE, we utilize a sedation medication (Propofol) in order to assure that every patient is comfortable and sedated during the entire procedure – you will not “wake up” mid-colonoscopy. You may experience some bloating or cramping once the procedure is complete, but this is usually quite minor and will pass.

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