5 (Important) Reasons to Not Fear a Colonoscopy


shutterstock_121080886December is a great time to schedule your colonoscopy in 2016 as part of your New Year’s resolution for better health. Undergoing a colonoscopy is frequently put off, despite its key importance in colon cancer screenings. This reluctance to get a colonoscopy often stems from common misconceptions and myths that surround the procedure.

Even with modern medical technology and anesthesia, many still assume that a colonoscopy is an unpleasant, difficult experience. This is simply not true. In case you or anyone you know is putting off a colonoscopy, we’ve prepared five important reasons why you should not fear the procedure.

  1. A colonoscopy is not painful.

The Center for Colonoscopy Excellence (CCE) uses Propofol in order to ensure that our patients are properly sedated during the colonoscopy procedure. Propofol is used so that will remain comfortably sedated until the colonoscopy is over, without “waking up” during the procedure.  Occasionally, patients may experience some mild bloating post-procedure, but this is simply trapped gas that can be passed naturally.

  1. A colonoscopy can be covered by insurance.

CCE works with many major insurance providers in order to help our patients receive the coverage allotted by their individual provider. It is ultimately up to each patient to check with their insurance carrier on what is and is not covered.

  1. A colonoscopy is the “gold standard” for colon cancer detection and prevention.

Patients who are hesitant about undergoing a colonoscopy but who wish to screen for colon cancer may choose to undergo a virtual colonoscopy, but a virtual colonoscopy isn’t enough to prevent colon cancer. A virtual colonoscopy uses an x-ray to recreate a virtual view of a person’s colon, but it does not offer your doctor the same full perspective that a colonoscopy provides. Additionally, in the event an abnormality is detected during a virtual colonoscopy, a standard colonoscopy will still be required.

  1. Most people only need a colonoscopy every 10 years.

For most, a colonoscopy will only need to be performed every 10 years. In the event that your colonoscopy shows the presence of pre-cancerous or cancerous growth, then it is up to your doctor to determine how often you will need screening.

  1. A colonoscopy can offer peace of mind.

Colon cancer is highly preventable due to colonoscopy screenings. Countless lives are saved year after year because pre-cancerous or questionable growths are spotted during a colonoscopy and removed before a patient becomes ill. Undergoing a colonoscopy at age 50 is an important milestone for health and wellness.

If you are turning 50 in 2016, or if you are considered a high risk for colon cancer, please contact the Center for Colonoscopy Excellence today to schedule your colonoscopy.

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